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These reports highlight a combination of ignored mirco caps, tossed away spin-offs, or businesses with underappreciated competitive advantages.  The market is ignoring these hidden gems.  We find them very, very attractive.  Our portfolio managers have made these important holdings in our client portfolios.

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Our Research Includes:

November 17, 2017 - Ares Management (ARES)

September 21, 2017 - Capital One (COF)

August 23, 2017 - OFG Bancorp (OFG) 

April 20, 2017 - Kingstone Companies (KINS)

January 22, 2017 - Ally Financial (ALLY)

September 21, 2016 - OneMain Holdings (OMF)

September 19, 2016 - SLM Corporation (SLM) 

September 19, 2016 - Capital One (COF)

May 19, 2016 - Voya Financial 

May 19, 2016 - Colony Capital (CLNY)

January 11, 2016 - Ambac Financial Group (AMBC)

May 11, 2015 - Re/Max (RMAX)

October 31, 2014 - Florists' Transworld Delivery Companies (FTD) 

October 28, 2014 - Janus Capital Group (JNS) 

August 13, 2014 - CIFC Corp (CIFC) 

March 12, 2014 - Zion Bancorporations Warrants (ZIONW & ZIONZ)

September 9, 2013- Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (AMBC)

May 21, 2013- M&A in the Banking Sector

March 6, 2012 - GSE Preferred Stock